Artist's Statement


I am interested in the concept of space as experienced with outline of skin, being borderline with outside;

seeing our mind and physical space as 'one continuum'.

In search to open reading of space.

Grasping our inner working of the "conscious" and "unconscious' in perception of space, place;

the notion of perception as body language and path to self-knowledge.

I visualise experiences of light to mark the passing of time and a sense of transition to make images between, shadow and light, present and absent;

natural qualities of light to capture incidental and fleeting moments in life. 

The work process is in doing and undoing, reflection and attention to chance.

My work draws on influence from poetry, Buddhism, mysticism, philosophy but it doesn't reflect any particular school of thought.

I work in drawing, painting, moving image and photography. 


"The fact that what is is just as it is, means that it is nothing as it is.  That is to say that everything is an image.

 To see what is in this way is to see the thing immanently, that is, to see reality as mind [or; spirit ]". / Nishida Kitaro /







Lives and works in London


2012-2014 MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art and Design
2001-2004 BA Ceramics, Camberwell College of Art
1987-1990 Diploma Fine Art, School of Art, Poland

Selected Exhibitions

2022 All the same age at diffrent times, Fitzrovia Gallery, London, UK.
2022 Between the Bars, Terrace Gallery, London, UK.

Winter Garden, Orangerie, Munich, Germany, project founded by City of Munich Department of Arts and Culture,


Ruins of Time, Asylum, London, England,  project founded by City of Munich Department of Arts and Culture

2015 Summer Exhibition, Zaitgeist Arts Projects, London, England
2015 Unspecified, Sluice, London Biennale, England

Ruins of time, Crypt Gallery, London, England, project founded by City of Munich Department of Arts and Culture


Postgraduate Fine Art Summer Show 2014, Chelsea College of Arts, London, England

2014 Film screenings,  Whitechapel Gallery, London, England
2013 Place Replace,  Chelsea College of Arts, London, England
2010 Rickshaw House Gallery, London, England
2009 Drawing, Burgh House, London, England
2004 LO.ST., Sous Le Hout Patronage de Jean-Francois Legaret, Paris,France, project founded by institute d'Etudes Superieurers des Arts
2004 Future Map,UAL, London, England